About Birkenstock


Q1. Why is the smallest children’s size 24? Are there any smaller sizes?

This is based on German Birkenstock’s professional considerations. Because small children’s arches are not fully developed yet so they don’t need Birkenstocks. 

Q2. Why are Birkenstocks so wide?

Birkenstocks’ footbeds are designed and manufactured completely according to a healthy, natural foot shape. They allow your feet to relax to the most comfortable state without compression. Birkenstocks’ footbeds’ width are that of a pair of natural and healthy feet.

Q3. What are Birkenstocks special features?

Birkenstock’s designs are completely based on ergonomics giving your feet excellent support so that you can don’t easily feel sore or tired after walking or standing for a long time. The thick leather, shock-absorbing cork material, and durable EVA sole, etc. plus original repair service all lengthen the lifetime of your Birkenstock footwear.

Q4. Why do different brands of Birkenstocks have arches of different heights?

Because different styles provide different support according to different foot shapes, this will increase fit and comfort for wearers. 

Q5. How thick is the leather used in Birkenstocks? What is special about it?

The leather is about 3 mm thick. The leather is thick and durable. Birkenstock uses deeply dyed, permeated leather in place of artificial surface dyes - which keeps the leather porous and breathable.

Q6. Why does Birkenstock use animal leather to produce shoes?

Human beings have used animal skins to make clothes and tools since ancient times. Most of the leather used in Birkenstocks shoes is retrieved from the hides of beef cattle since the fiber is too thick and inedible. These kinds of hides are curried and dyed to make the best use of every piece.

Q7. The leather on Birkenstocks is thick and firm, will it scratch my feet easily?

To increase longevity Birkenstocks are made of 3 mm thick leather. Individuals with sensitive skin may have difficulty adjusting to wearing these shoes. You can soften and bevel the leather in advance. You may also choose to wear socks with your new shoes to facilitate the adjustment.

Q8. Will my leather Birkenstocks become discolored?

Except for gold, all materials will discolor over time due to exposure to sunlight, humidity and different temperatures. If you can avoid these factors and provide your shoes with periodic cleaning and maintenance, as well as, applying shoe oil in the color of your leather then your Birkenstocks will remain shiny for a long time.

Q9. What is the EVA sole?

EVA is a light, soft and durable foam rubber, which can alleviate the shock when your feet touch the ground. Birkenstock’s EVA sole provides high-performance shock absorption, suppleness and durability.

Q10. Why are Birkenstock’s footbeds made of cork? Isn’t it fragile?

Cork is rich in flexibility, and it is the best material to make shoes which provide high shock absorption. The footbeds are made of a mixture of cork and latex, which is then covered with linen fabric. Birkenstocks are comfortable and durable.

Q11. What are the advantages of using cork to make the footbed?

Cork is light, soft, flexible and highly shock absorbing. As you wear your Birkenstocks, the cork footbed will mold to the shape of your foot providing a comfortable experience.

Q12. How can I maintain my Birkenstocks?

1. Clean them periodically, apply suitable maintenance products and repair when necessary.

2. Avoid direct sunlight, high humidity and high temperatures. 

Q13. My Birkenstocks are always moldy. Is there a problem with the leather?

In general, leather molds in highly humid climates. We suggest you store your shoes in a dry place and avoid storing them back in the shoe case directly after wear (especially on a rainy day when the leather is still damp). The problem of moldy leather can be prevented in this way.

Q14. Suede leather and nubuck leather can be dyed. What about regular leather?

Most regular leather cannot be dyed. Please use a matching color of shoe oil to preserve the leather’s color.