Customer Service


Q1. Birkenstock’s exchange policy

1.Used products are not eligible for exchange. Unused products should be returned in their original packaging. Eligible products may only be exchanged once, the company reserves its rights regarding product exchange.

2.To exchange your product you must return to the store you purchased it from, please select products of equal or greater value for exchange, if you select a product of lesser value your can make up the price difference in other merchandise.

3.Products are only eligible for exchange for one week starting from the purchase date. Overdue requests for exchange will not be granted.

4.Sales items and maintenance products cannot be exchanged.

5.Please present your original receipt when exchanging your product. Exchange requests without the original receipt will not be granted.

Q2. Can products be exchanged at any authorized Birkenstock dealer?

Please return products for exchange at the original purchase location, because store employees will better understand your request. If you live in other cities or counties, you may contact the original store by phone to request the store employees to help arrange to have your product exchanged at a nearer location.

Q3. Can I exchange Birkenstocks purchased abroad for a different size or style in Taiwan?

Sorry, we currently do not offer this service.

Q4. My left and right feet have different sizes, can I purchase each shoe in a separate size?

Sorry, we currently do not offer this service. We suggest you to select the larger size of the two.