Selection Tips

  • Selection Steps

1 Ask a store clerk to measure your foot size.

2 Select your preferred footwear style
There are three different widths of footbeds.

3 Check the extra space in the front and back of the shoes
You should spare 1-2 mm of extra space, which means you should still have enough length after the footbed is bent to avoid compressing your toes when walking.

When buckling the straps, it’s just right if you can wiggle one finger between the strap and your ankle, the back of your foot or the highest point of your heel.
The straps should be snug but not tight.

4 Trying to walk

When you try on Birkenstock footwear for the first time you will immediately experience its unconventional uniqueness. You might want to spend some time to explore the shoe’s difference by standing up for a while and walking some extra steps to ensure you have chosen the right size and style.

After taking off your conventional and constricting shoes, your feet may need some time to recover to their natural shape and size. We suggest you spend some time selecting your first pair of Birkenstock’s to ensure that the front and back of your feet won’t touch the edge of the shoes when they are naturally stretched – this space is left for the stretching space when the shoe bed is bent during walking.

Birkenstocks are designed for comfort, all the support comes from the footbed, not tightly buckled straps. You might need a few days to accustom yourself to this feeling, but your toes will soon learn how to lightly grip the toe gripper and enjoy the massage effect when walking.

Birkenstocks will usher you into a new world of walking. Certainly you will need to spend some time to accustom yourself to these new walking experiences. Please wear your Birkenstocks for 2 – 3 hours on the first day. Your foot might experience minor aches and pains because the arched footbed is adjusting your bent toes. A few days later, after extending the time spent in your Birkenstocks, the minor aches and pains will disappear, meanwhile the flexibility of the footbed will increase to better fit to your feet’s individual shape. By then walking in your Birkenstocks will feel just like walking on a sandy beach.

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