BIRKENSTOCK world famous cork footbed is designed and manufactured according to the natural contours of healthy feet. It fits completely to the structure and movement of podiatric bones, muscles and ligaments.


  • The spreading fan-shaped footbed gives toes sufficient space for movement different from conventional, narrow shoes which compress toes causing claw toes.
  • The completely flat sole enables heels to carry body weight unlike high heel shoes which ruin body balance. High heel shoes will also shift the body’s weight forward to the ball of the foot and the toes causing pressure overload, corns, calluses and deformations.
  • The toe gripper encourages toes to grip naturally when walking. The stretching of the foot and calf muscles increases blood circulation helping your feet become a “second heart for your body”. The design of conventional, narrow and high heel shoes bundles the ten toes tightly, not only constricting natural movement of muscles, ligaments and joints but also influence the healthy blood circulation of your lower limbs.
  • Longitudinal arch supports give your body perfect support and reinforce shock absorption.
  • Deep heel cup promotes body balance, maintains heel thickness, and increases shock absorption