Cork Footbed: Birkenstock’s cork footbed is made of ground cork from Mediteranean cork tree’s bark mixed Latex and punched into shape. Top and bottom linings are added to the footbed; this combination creates a soft, elastic footbed with excellent shock absorption.

Suede Leather Cover: Every piece of Birkenstock footwear is covered by a layer of soft, supple suede. This suede leather cover is dyed using unified colored tones. Slight discoloration is normal while breaking shoes in especially if white socks are worn.

Upper Material: Only premium, genuine leather is used to manufacture the upper material of Birkenstock’s footwear. It is difficult for other leather products to apply such sophisticated leather while providing durability, comfort and suppleness. All leather is deeply dyed, so color equally permeates the leather inside and out keeping the leather porous and breathable unlike artificially-dyed leather.

Sole Material: The Ethyl-Vinyl-Acetate (EVA) sole is light, supple, flexible and elastic. Besides assuaging the shock when your foot touches the ground, the sole also provides a natural and completely dynamic platform for your foot. EVA soles are also heavy-duty and offer great traction to facilitate walking.