Birkenstock Secrets



  1. Toe gripper:Helps massage the toes.
  2. Arch supports:Designed according to the natural arch gives the feet balance in walking.
  3. Deep heel cup:Maintains balance.
  4. Elevated footbed edging:Protects the toes.
  5. Suede leather cover:Increases flexibility and comfort.
  6. EVA sole:Soft and heavy duty, the sole provides good shock-absorption.


  • Toes

Toes play a vital role by keeping your balance and spreading your body’s weight throughout your feet. At certain times, your entire body weight is supported by your large toe. Traditional shoes’ narrow design will constrict toes on both sides which interferes with toes’ normal function often causing backaches, a sore neck or even calluses and corns on your feet.

Birkenstock footwear spreading design helps toes move and roll naturally. Meanwhile, while walking you toes need to grip slight to allow the ligaments between your foot and calf muscles to fully stretch. Unlike conventional shoes, Birkenstock footwear’s toe gripper encourages this natural movement and provides important massage function keeping your feet healthy.


  • Arch

Birkenstock footwear’s arch-shaped cork footbed design is like a footprint on a beach that completely fits to the structure of a foot’s bones. It gives your body perfect support and shock-absorption when your foot touches the ground maintaining the best balance whether standing or walking.


Moreover, clawed toes caused by long-term wearing of conventional, narrow shoes will be gradually stretched back into a healthy, natural position by the pressure from the arched footbed on the foot.


  • Heel

Just like your foot’s arch, your heels are adapted to surfaces softer than modern ground. Heels are the first part of the foot to touch the ground when taking a step, therefore they not only absorb most of the shock but also maintain a body’s balance.


Moreover any high heel shoes will ruin a body’s balance and interfere with feet’s normal movement, because high heels will force the balls of your feet and your toes to support a body’s weight when your feet touch the ground although they are not designed to absorb this shock.

Birkenstock footwear’s cork, suede and EVA rubber foam will effectively absorb shocks without thickening the sole of the shoe. With help from Birkenstock’s unique deep heel cup your entire body’s weight can be evenly distributed throughout your feet making walking a comfortable enjoyment.