Maintenance and Cleaning


  • Shoes that have been worn should be kept in a well-ventilated place.

Shoes that have been worn will be slightly damp from perspiration. After the shoes have been taking off, they should be aired out.
Please do not put them immediately back into a shoe case, especially after the shoes get wet from rain.


  • Please do not place new shoes in the sunlight.

Please do not place new shoes in the sunlight to prevent discoloration and hardening.


  • Use plastic bags to seal and preserve your shoes.

Please keep the shoes dry. Please maintain the shoes carefully by drying and sealing them in a plastic bag when the seasons change
(optimally include a desiccating agent inside the bag).


  • Wear your Birkenstocks in turn

Prepare more than two pairs of Birkenstocks to wear in turn so that the leather fibers can fully rest.

  • Cleaning handmade footwear

When you clean handmade footwear, scrub the shoes’ leather upper and footbed. Remember to take out the shoes’ cushion.